Backend Software Developer

Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brasil Full-time

Linx+Neemu+Chaordic joined forces to change the e-commerce and retail environment. We are inserted all over the user's journey during e-commerce purchase process. From every moment we extract fundamental insights to achieve what our clients expects: concrete and relevant results. Our mission is to transform the retail to create valuable and unique experiences, converting these experiences in results.

To achieve that we have in hands one of the largest databases of user purchase behaviour in Latin America, and we use it to build products for millions of people that use our customers websites.

As a backend developer of Data Collection team you will need to follow devops guidelines, a mixing of development and operation, being responsible to develop systems and keep them running in good performance. You will be responsible for collecting a huge amount of data from both the users who browse the websites and our customers who make use of our products. For this purpose we build scalable and high performance services using NodeJS, Python, GO and Scala as the main languages. Although most of the development we do is backend development, some of our codes that collect users behavior runs in the browser and for this we need some frontend development knowledge.

Our development flow is strongly based on automated tests, good distributed development practices and devops culture. We use Amazon (AWS) as cloud provider for most of our infrastructure.

If you are a experienced developer who likes to work with huge loads and interested not only on technologies that you already know, but to think out of the box, new challenges and besides development, some action and operation , well ... it is you who we are looking for.

Backend Developer - DC

Here are some requirements for a good match:

  • Polyglot and pragmatic programmer. Languages we use: NodeJS, Python, Scala and Java

  • We do use Linux. Shell scripts, most common GNU tools and linux debugging.

  • Scrum or any agile methodology

  • Javascript and programming for Browsers (cookies, local storage, same origin policy, etc.);

  • Full stack.

  • When detects a problem go deep into it doing whatever is necessary to detect the root cause.

Interested in helping us? We want to know you better! ;)


This is a technical job offer. It is not a manager job offer, the job is pure coding and operating the systems.

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